THT Vol. III (The C.P.3 Experiment)

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1. Rehab (Inst. Remix)
2. It Wasn't Me (Inst. Remix)
3. Sensual Seduction (Inst. Remix)
4. Angel (Inst. Remix)
5. Hotline Bling (Inst. Remix)
6. Let's Get It On (Inst. Remix)
7. No Problems (Inst. Remix)
8. Waves (Inst. Remix)
9. Needed Me' (Inst. Remix)
10. Work, Work, Work (Inst. Remix)
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Time Has Traveled  Vol. III (The C.P.3 Experiment’)(Instrumental Remix) Album is a direct request from fans for over a year to deliver these song choices as professionally recorded pieces to take home with listeners! Sir’ Chantz recorded his first album at the age of 12 yrs. old (Time Has Traveled 5:55pm) an all instrumental album with legendary hit classics from: Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, etc…

Now.., with brand new sounds/looks/artwork & designs… This is one of three new Albums from Sir’ Chantz we can be expecting this year! Sir’ Chantz Powell is back with an all out smash of hits!!! From: Amy Winehouse, Shaggy, Drake, Rihanna, etc… A genuine head-bobber from start to finish!

Ten songs with under an hour of listening, tends to have the listener press the re-play all button a couple times… Definitely, one of my favorites from Sir’ Chantz Powell.